Who are the Aardvarks?

Before we introduce the Aardvarks, we’ll answer what was most likely the first question that popped into your mind…why Aardvark? Why would we name our company after a sub-saharan sniffer? Well…did you know that “aardvark” is the first word in the English Dictionary? This fact came in handy when we founded Aardvark. Back in those days, our clients used to “let their fingers do the walking” through phone books to find businesses, goods, and services. We were the first listing in every one of our chosen categories. That was a pretty sound strategy then.

Okay, so back to our burrow-digging foragers. It kind of makes sense (visually) that the aardvark’s closest living relative is an elephant. However, with the body of a pig, ears of a rabbit, tongue of an anteater, and tail of a kangaroo, they are the only species in their order. So, there you have it. It’s official…Aardvarks are one of a kind.

What can we do for you?

We are a team of award-winning designers, printers, code writers and storytellers whose products, brands and messages have been seen and enjoyed around the world. We are truly inspired by the ideas and visions of our clients and become so engaged in telling their story that it eventually becomes our own. Your baby inevitably becomes our baby and we feel like we have a stake in the success of each project. So we get to share the joy of your success with you. It’s very rewarding and one of the main reasons that we really love what we do.

We have a strong ability to bring our clients’ visions to life and deliver stunning, thought-provoking designs and solutions that are in alignment with the desires of their target market. We are informed by research and strategy, but build and create with experience and intuition. Our focus is always set on building brand loyalty and repeat customers.

We understand that we are influencers and that our designs have the power to guide people’s decision-making. It’s for that reason that we carefully choose the companies we serve and products we promote. We care about the future and enjoy making a positive impact on people and our planet.

Mike & Geralynn Krueger, Founders

Build your Brand. Increase Awareness. Shape Decisions.